Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The worst is the Holiday season.
Birthdays were never a big deal.
Holidays. a cloud of sadness blocks the sunshine of happiness.
That lump in my throat it is larger around the holidays.
The tears behind my eyes, they fall around that time.
Hot and fast. 
It never gets better.
My heart feels empty, my soul is sailing
Pumpkin pie and Christmas trees.
Music and presents.
Laughter and hugs.
Wine and hot cocoa.
Everyone sits and smiles.
I'm the sad one.
The angry one.
Everyone else smiles.
Every holiday is the same.
 Memories, that pass too fast.
I grab them, before they slip away.
The tears won't stay behind my eyes.
The lump in my throat gets bigger.
It won't go away.
The ache in my heart won't go away.
The memories pass too fast.
All I see now is red velvet cake.
Pineapple upside down cake.
Mommy can you bake the cake for me I'm tired?
Mommy did you like the cake, even though it fell apart?
It was really good.
Thanksgiving, Christmas.2011
Every Holiday feels empty except 2011.
The last one.
Rest in Peace Mommy 4.17.12

Monday, October 7, 2013

Where Youth Hold The Power

" A young person who feels powerless will see their environment as something that can't be changed and will ultimately give up hope of ever seeing a difference." 

And this is why it's important for us to empower our youth and help them see that their voices are important. If they don't learn this while they are younger then how can we expect them to utilize their voices and demand their needs to be met when they are older? How are they supposed to advocate for their own children and grandchildren if they grow up feeling inferior and like their voices don't count? When reading what the youth had to say in this article it becomes clear that they are increasingly frustrated with not having a voice. It's so clear that we can minimize a lot of the negative behaviors by helping them to express themselves and to find an identity. It's so frustrating to feel as though you just belong to someone (parents, teachers, society) and your opinions don't matter. 

"Like many cities across the country, Providence is a place where young people--particularly youth of color in under resourced communities are marginalized in almost every decision making circle" 

Again we revisit the idea that we are alienating our youth making them feel as though they aren't important  in society and that they're ideas aren't worth listening to. I think that stating this early in the article and then showing what some of the YIA younger members have to say about wanting to help the community was critical in making this article so profound.

"What would our cities look like if we all started to truly see youth as powerful assets instead of problems?"

Imagine a world where we give power to our youth instead of taking it from them, where we include them in ways to change this world. Let them feel like they matter. It's clear that adults don't have all the answers to society's problems, why not gain perspective from a young inspired mind. I think the author is on point when she says that a lot of youth she's worked with are just as good at solving problems as adults. I go to my 13 year old brother for advice at times. He has great advice, and when you listen you can find words of wisdom from all ages.