Sunday, May 11, 2014

Scientific Inquiry

The first event I would like to write about would be Scientific Inquiry. I got a job as an AfterZone Educator and I have to create and implement a STEM based curriculum for middle school youth in Providence. We started off the training by playing a game. The game involved us saying our names. For example I would say My name is Adriana, and everyone says Hiiiiii Adriana. Then I would say 'When I was in middle school I liked to read' and everyone would say Reading and do a motion resembling reading. This continued until we all knew each other. Afterwards we were placed in groups and given brief instructions to create the tallest bridge we can make with limited materials (but no specific amount) and no clear directions. The bridge had to hold a marble and should be built in order for the marble to drop into a small plastic cup. My team was very confused and we struggled to find roles for our group members. We struggled to communicate, and we felt rushed, and that we didn't have enough time. Then we were told this was an example of what would set students up to fail. Then we received this model about scientific inquiry and were told how would we change the lesson. My group came up with having a curriculum about bridges, the history of bridges, and  also lessons about weight, mass and physics. We would then have students research and then they would be given a visual of a bridge. Then they would receive materials and create. We learned that we can start off our lessons teacher driven and that we can build trust and create a supportive environment for youth. After that then we can help students guide their own learning and that will implement stem skills. I left this event nervous about this, but I'm excited to give my best and hopefully I will be successful.

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